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About Remedy Pack


To provide a compact and convenient solution to ensure mild ailments are treated with ease.


To evolve the pharmacy experience; for everyone to have undeniable access to commonly used medications. 


Pharmacy aisles can be overwhelming. We provide full transparency for more than 12 different OTC medications in a one-of-a-kind product. Our specific curation of medications and content makes us unique. 





When do the medications expire?

All expiration dates can be found on each individual packet. Please check before taking medication. In general, most packs contain expiration dates at least 1-2 years out from the time of purchase.

I don’t see an expiration date on Medi-Lyte, is there one?

The manufacturer states there is no expiration date. However, we suggest discarding at the same time as the last expiration date in the pack. 

What if I don’t need certain medications?

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t customize packs based on specific needs as we are made for all emergency situations. Due to the limited dosing we provide, we hope you, a family member, or anyone in need would benefit.

How will I know what each medication it is?

We take immense pride in our transparency of brand and active ingredients within Remedy Pack. Every individual pack clearly states the active ingredient as well as the brand comparison. You will also find the active ingredient on the internal medication packet. 

Can I use this for kids?

Currently, Remedy Pack may only be used for Ages 12+. Please keep away from children. 

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